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As students enter high school they will begin to think about the career they want to pursue for the rest of their life for their livelihood. From a young age some students will aspire to take on a certain profession for example, being a doctor, pilot or teacher. In the interest of the future of the young professional it is best if they took a second look at which career they want to pursue before entering in to college and take a career test.

There are some professions which are easy to qualify for but very demanding on individuals. There are other professions in which academic performance is not so difficult but at the same time offer a greater level of independence to the professional. These careers are financially lucrative and not straining on the individual. Let’s look at some of these professions in detail.


An actuary is a practicing mathematician who analyzes probabilities and risks to calculate insurance premiums. They help insurance companies decide premiums based on current statistics and possibilities of events and their fiscal costs. An actuary is an insurance company’s safest judgment of making profitable decisions based on facts. The job of an actuary is rated second highest in best business jobs. After completing a bachelor’s degree, you need to get certified to become an actuary. Accomplishments in mathematics need to be the main focus of an individual becoming an actuary. In 2016 the median income of an actuary was $100,610.

Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer is a person, who researches, designs, develops and tests computer hardware, processors, circuit cards and memory devices. These devices will later become usable chips, processor and or other electronic devices which will be manufactured by corporations. A computer hardware engineer needs to complete a 4 year bachelor’s qualification ideally in computer or electrical engineering. The pay and demand of computer hardware engineers has steadily increased in the last 5 years. The median pay of computer hardware engineer according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US in May 2017 was $115,120.

Assignment Writing

From the first time a child begins school to the time they complete graduation, the best teachers will always be remembered. In some societies students spend more time with their teachers than they do with parents. A teacher needs to employ scrupulous time management skills in coordination with appropriate learning tools to ensure that their classroom understands the concepts being taught. Teaching is a profession which is never out of demand, especially if the teacher is qualified to teach a specialized subject. The more experience and distinction a teacher achieves the higher a salary they can demand. In some cases institutes may even approach teachers directly due to their acclaim in a given field of academics.


An optometrist is the licensed professional who is qualified to examine eyes and prescribe and administer spectacles and or contact lenses. To become an optometrist, individuals need to first complete a four year bachelor’s qualification. This needs to be followed by Doctor of Optometry degree program. Optometrists are individuals who are lucky enough to have very agreeable clients who are more than happy to comply with an optometrist’s advice and prescriptions. The average median pay of optometrists in 2017 was $110,300 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This profession is currently facing a very prospective outlook for individuals seeking to get qualified.

General Physician

To become a qualified and practicing general physician takes time. First they need to complete undergraduate studies. This needs to be followed up by medical school and a paid residency. The residency is assigned that potential doctors can gain practical experience directly in their field of qualification. Depending on the speciality there may be some qualifications which require a longer period of paid residency while others have a shorter period. This is one of the highest paying professions in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their hours of operation are quite demanding but they have some of the best salaries i.e. $172,005 averagely and fringe benefits for a profession.


To become an orthodontist or dentist students first need to complete their bachelor’s qualification. After the 4 year bachelor’s qualification prospective dentists need to complete dental school. In order to practice as an orthodontist in any state within the US they need to complete various different requirements governed by each state. Each state will require orthodontists to successfully pass an exam to ensure certification within that state. Once qualified, an orthodontist can make more than US $ 200,000 in a year depending on their speciality. People fully qualified as an orthodontist can easily turn their qualification in to a business opportunity by opening up a clinic.

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