Attention, Solopreneurs: Building Trust Takes Time


Solopreneurs are shaking things up worldwide. These are individuals who work independently and want to take control of their careers. In the United States alone, their number is estimated to be at 55 million. They are expected to comprise one-half of the total workforce population by 2020.

More on the statistics, we know that many solopreneurs or freelancers have been around for three years or less. This makes them new to the game. Beyond the figures, we can surmise that not everyone is already well-versed when it comes to building loyalty among customers. So in this article we are focusing on the subject of trust, which relies much on the time factor.

Here are ways to build trust as a solopreneur:

Be real

While starting, you are most likely to commit mistakes. You do not have to hide the fact that your app always needs tinkering with or that your service is not as fool-proof as you imagined it to be. But also, give your clients the assurance that you are working on removing the bugs or fine-tuning your products.

Being real is not a license to deliver something less than what you promised. It is, however, a reminder that you can embrace and even infuse your work with your unique personality. Letting your humanity show up can inspire trust among customers who are after a genuine connection. After all, if they recognize your business’ value, the human touch just makes it all more meaningful for them.

Go out of your way to help

Some of the most successful solopreneurs out there have one thing in common. They create and share content for their target audience. They publish articles consistently. And they make sure that their blogs tackle practical subjects for their readers or viewers. Most importantly, they do all these for free.

Michael Hyatt, the entrepreneur behind Intentional Leadership, is a good example. As a life mentor, Hyatt aims to sell his talks and pieces of advice. But most of the time, he shares them via articles and podcasts on his site. In doing so, he earns the trust of those he is helping. When you have the trust of people, they will listen to you more openly. You can then make a pitch to them more easily.

Stay consistent

Solopreneurs need to discipline themselves. This is the key to consistency. This means conducting regular fixes on your app. Or not missing a publishing date for your blog. This builds expectations on the side of customers. And the more you deliver on those expectations, the greater their trust will be.

This is also the part wherein you get to cultivate their trust in you and your business. If you are consistent, you can start asking something from them in return. Think of an app that consistently gives value to users. The creator can then ask users to rate the app

Upgrade your skills

Yes, aside from investing in technology, you need to invest in manpower. And as an independent worker, you also owe it to yourself to boost your self-confidence and pursue self-development. At the same time, leveling up one’s skills makes you more capable to serve your clients.

This is particularly true for many solopreneurs, especially if they are in the service industry. For instance, who do you think would a person trust more? A physical fitness trainer with a certification from a reliable agency or one without? In this case, a certification not only spells out legitimacy but also enhances reputation.

Final words

Trust is the foundation of all business relationships. It is thus important to establish it from the get-go. The ways we shared here will help you connect with your audience, eventually earning and cultivating their trust. These are just initial steps. But trust-building is a continuous process. So keep returning to the basics and finding ways to create meaningful and lasting connection with your customers.

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