Simple Businesses You Can Start Without Much Equipment


At some point in your life, you might find yourself in need of money. You can apply for hundreds of jobs, but nobody will reply to you. It’s times like these when you should finally grab the bull by the horns and start your own business.

Perhaps you don’t have any amazing skills. You might not even have enough cash to start certain kinds of businesses, but you’ll be able to do something. Here is an example of ventures you can set up straight away without much equipment.

1. Shooting Videos Inside Your Home

Youtube is officially the second largest search engine in the world, which is quite hard to believe. Visitors go there every day to find information, plus a large percentage of them just like to be entertained.

Would you feel comfortable talking into a camera every day and sharing things with strangers? If you’re an expert in certain subjects you can make lots of money, or you could earn ad revenue entertaining viewers.

2. Stand On The Road Washing Windows

If you stand at the side of a busy road you’ll be able to clean car windows easily. You have to make sure you choose an area where they’ll stop. Will most of the car owners you approach reject your offer?

They sure will, but a handful won’t. Even if you charged a dollar per car you would earn more than the minimum wage. If you had a ladder and didn’t mind heights you would be able to clean house windows too.

3. Translating Business Documents

If you know more than one language you’re in luck. You will be able to take documents from a company and translate them into a different language. You will only need to know how to type fast to earn lots of money.

I know people will assume this kind of work takes skill, but it’s actually simple if you don’t need to learn a second language. If you work hard for a few weeks you should be able to start picking up clients.

4. Offer A Basic Marketing Service

Most business owners would rather focus on their main tasks during the day. They don’t want to spend time playing around with their websites. You could offer to perform a service for them in exchange for a minimal fee.

To be honest, you don’t need to have any business experience. You could learn a simple job like how to perform effective on-page SEO. It would take you a day to learn the basics and you could work on a cheap computer.

5. Speaking To Customers On The Phone

If you’re good at speaking over the phone you’ll pick up work at a call center. They will want to maximize their profits, so you’ll be able to work from home on a freelance basis for most companies.

You will need a good headset to ensure your conversations go smoothly. Customers will want to hear you clearly. Training for these kinds of jobs might only last a few days and you’ll be ready to get going.

These Businesses Could Make You Rich

It might be easy to start these businesses with minimal equipment and funds, but any one of them could make you rich. The same thing applies to every venture you start once you know how to scale up. Now you just have to go out and fight to succeed.

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