The Importance of Visual Hierarchy

The Importance Of Visual Hierarchy

Wednesday April, 04 in Internet by Michael Sanduso

?You don’t have to be an expert web designer to get a functional and professional-looking website off the ground. What you must have is a strong understanding of how and to what the eye is drawn.

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Rise of Edu-Tech Startups Can Increase Content Plagiarism Issues

Rise of Edu-Tech Startups Can Increase Content Plagiarism Issues

Thursday November, 09 in Internet by Chitraparna Sinha

A by-product of the rise of edu-tech startups is an increase in educational content plagiarism, uncontrollable by educators and institutions. What is the solution?

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Why You Should Opt For Responsive Design For Your Website

Why You Should Opt for Responsive Design for your Website

Tuesday October, 10 in Internet by Veselina Dzhingarova

Responsive design is the wave of the future, especially with the recent changes made by Google aimed at rewarding sites that offer a solid mobile experience.

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9 Ways To Find Work While Traveling

9 Ways to Find Work While Traveling

Monday September, 25 in Internet by Vikas Agrawal

So you dream of traveling the world before kicking the bucket. But like many others who set it aside, one thing has been keeping you from fulfilling your heart’s desire.

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New Feature of Google Adwords Gives New Opportunities To Businesses

New Feature of Google AdWords Gives New Opportunities to Businesses

Monday August, 14 in Internet by Chitraparna Sinha

Google AdWords has unveiled a new feature called 'View Through Conversions' that's targeted towards generating detailed data for business conversions.

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