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If you are a business that is trying to engage digital marketing for your website then it is likely you have considered soliciting consultancy from an SEO agency. There are several benefits to outsourcing this work, with the primary one being that a professional SEO agency can implement optimization strategies that require training and experience to be effective.

Since search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field of digital marketing, the services a SEO agency can provide for your business need to be flexible but based in proven methodology. Any good SEO agency will recognize the need to assure that the services they offer will provide value for the money their clients spend with them.

So, let’s take a look at some of the services and SEO agency can provide for you.

Website optimization

One of the key services you can solicit from an SEO agency is the search engine optimization of your business website. This means the tailoring of several on-page and HTML based factors that are considered by search engine indexing algorithms.

Some of these optimization tactics include:

    ·Optimization of image ALT tags so that they incorporate targeted keywords

    ·Optimization of titles, headings, subheading and text to incorporate targeted keywords

    ·Website infrastructure and UX (user experience) optimization so that people do not ‘bounce’ off your pages

    ·Optimization of HTML elements to improve site speed as well as incorporate targeted keywords

Content creation/copywriting

The second wing operated by an SEO agency is its content creation, which works to develop optimal content for use on a client’s website for the purposes of backlinking. As search engine algorithms become more developed over time, the type of content that’s optimal for indexing develops too.

According to The Marketing Folks, this is why content creation remains a growing area of what an SEO agency does for its clients. The development of high quality, engaging and keyword relevant content takes a significant amount of training and expertise.

The types of content that might be created for a client include:

    ·Landing pages for a business website, including CTA’s (calls to action), special offers, product descriptions and more

    ·Backlinking content to be distributed amongst high authority networks

    ·Soft copy advertising pieces/sponsored content


Backlinking is the process by which a website’s URL is shared through other high authority domains in order to increase its online validity. Each time the URL appears on another domain, its own domain authority is boosted.

Think of each backlink as a vote for the targeted website, where the votes of higher authority domains carry more weight than ones by low quality domains. In fact, too many instances of a URL on low quality domains is seen as ‘spammy’ by search engines who actively punish practitioners who use such unethical optimization strategies.

A good SEO agency will understand the importance of backlinks and make sure to strategically place content that link back to their client on high authority domains. Optimization consultants are primarily valuable because of the high authority network of domains they can introduce their clients to.


The aforementioned services detail just a few of the main things a professional SEO agency can do for your business. Different practitioners will be able to implement these services with differing levels of accuracy and quality, so it pays to be careful with which consultants you engage with.

The most important thing to note is, like all optimization strategy, building a sincere online reputation (even if it is deliberately manufactured) takes time. Be cautious of practitioners who promise everything you want in a short amount of time as it is unlikely they can deliver it.

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