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BY: ON MONDAY, MAY 07, 2018

In the sales industry, managers will often break out the sales personality tests only when it’s time to fill an open position. While these tests can be key players in assessing a candidate’s suitability for a job in sales, they can also serve multiple purposes. Not only can they direct a hiring committee’s eye towards those who possess important soft skills, they can continue to be used for evaluation and training post-hire, as even a strong team can use direction if they’re to meet their full potential. These tests are also excellent tools for seeing where a long-standing team is at, particularly if protocols and branding have shifted over the years. The world of sales is growing, shifting, and companies are constantly changing their strategies to keep up with evolving consumer interests; it is important to be sure the golden team that was hired a decade ago is managing these modifications appropriately. It’s also valuable to see exactly where members of your staff are struggling and could use assistance. Furthermore, it very well may be that there are brand new positions being introduced that can use a specific employee’s expertise and sense of intuition. According to the experts at SalesTestOnline — where staff members aren’t feeling challenged enough, these kinds of sales personality evaluations can help you as an employer figure out what the next best steps could be, so their positions can offer more fulfillment.

Conducting a sales personality test for training purposes will allow you not only to compare your employees’ scores against the ideal target developed for the position they’re working in, but for other jobs across the board. This will show you, especially if an employee’s performance is suffering, whether there’s a better position out there for them. An evaluation will also show you whether your team as a whole could benefit from certain types of training – like sociability training, or the introduction of incentives to help stimulate their sense of urgency.

For employers who are wary of offending their staff by suggesting they participate in such an evaluation, ensure them these types of tests are non-invasive, only take about ten minutes of their time, and will not assess direct sales skills. Assure them it’s to help managers see how they can do better, and what they can offer their salespeople to make certain aspects of their work less stressful. Companies like SalesTestOnline have never experienced the refusal of their tests by current employees; in fact, the 97% reorder rate shows workers are eager to improve themselves and discover where their strengths lie.

Sales personality tests are not only helpful tools for hiring but can make your current sales team stronger. They can make your team’s gifts and weaknesses clearer and uncover hidden potential where you wouldn’t expect to find it. By taking an active interest and ensuring everyone at the company is finding success in their positions of employment, you also raise company morale; you should therefore not hesitate to take advantage of tools designed to make testing and training more efficient.

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