Sam Zastrow

Sam Zastrow

Sam Zastrow is a social media manager and consultant at CloudTactix, a Madison, Wisconsin, based digital marketing company. 

He specializes in social media management and content marketing, but also dabbles in online lead generation, reputation management and website optimization. This reflects the CloudTactix philosophy: a marketing campaign that moves prospects through the sales funnel using a mix of integrated online marketing efforts.

Sam’s interest in social media began with his personal interest in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. He quickly learned he could leverage this interest in small business marketing through reading online marketing blogs and books and examining the strategies of businesses that have had success with social media.

A lifelong writer, Sam graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in strategic communication and journalism. After discovering the adverse state of 21st century journalism and writing for a few blogs, he explored a career in online marketing.

He caught on with CloudTactix, starting as a writing intern before moving into a consulting role. With his help, CloudTactix grew from its start-up stage and now helps more than a dozen small and medium-sized businesses generate leads with integrated marketing strategies each month.

In his free time, Sam enjoys a passion for golf, an ear for good music and an appetite for craft beer and sports.

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