5 Technologies That Are Changing Our World


In the 1950s, futurists anticipated that by the 21st century, there would be airborne robots and flying cars. While we don’t see that stuff quite yet, we do see smartphones, social networks and live streaming dominating the world.

While those forecasters did not guess quite right, but they did nail the fact that technology is introducing the world to all sorts of things. Its effects are widespread, from how customers interact with brands to how children are taught at school. Here are 5 things that are changing the world, as we know it.

Voice assistants

In the next four years, most American households will probably own an Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod – voice assistant devices that show what artificial intelligence can do.

Voice assistants are making a notable impact in markets around the world – some anticipate that in the future, people will communicate via technology through voice instead of text. Technologies for small business owners and accounts continue to improve with each passing year. Today you can even check out house auctions online on websites that provide the tools to find your next property, or compare the cost of living from one city to the next.


Crispr may have the power to eliminate genetic diseases – can you imagine living in a world where genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s no longer existed?

This gene-splicing technology has the capability of both locating and getting rid of mutated sections of DNA and replaces these mutated areas with non-muted variants.

The result? The ability to permanently eradicate some types of diseases from bloodlines. This technology has been used to eliminate cancer in some patients and it may even be able to cure or prevent genetically caused blindness.

Regenerative medicine

Technology can do much more than that though. Regenerative medicine sounds a bit like science fiction, but it’s not. Doctors are making body parts as requested by scraping cells off any body part that may need replaced and growing the part in a Petri dish. The body part can grow strong enough over time and be implanted inside the body of the patient. It won’t happen overnight, but this new technology will eventually become mainstream, providing people with organ replacements and prolonging their life.

Driverless vehicles

Some well known automakers like Volvo, General Motors and Tesla have built semi-autonomous vehicles. Self-driving technology is ever changing; GM announced plans to launch a car with no pedals or no steering wheel by 2019! Ford Motor is also developing a car with no pedals or steering wheel, with the intent for the cars to go into mass production in 2021.

Automation and AI

Some of the world’s biggest brands are utilizing automation to help better serve customers and cut costs. Big-box retailers realize the advantages of using automated warehouses to not only sort, but also ship products. Social media networks can turn to automation to moderate comments. Credit card companies use automation to detect fraud. Automation and AI are changing the way businesses operate.

The world is evolving every day and there’s no denying that in this modern world, we are spoiled by technology. From fast access to the internet while on-the-go to the ability to get in touch with virtually every person in our lives by pressing a few buttons, technology developments continue to alter the way we live or lives. Enjoy the ride as these technological advancements become mainstream.

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